Frequently Asked Questions

  • Beeptoolkit Introduction

  • Beeptoolkit Logo & Trademarks

    • Can I use the Beeptoolkit logo to identify non commercial content?

    • I want to design my own project, what should I do?

    • What should I call my project?

    • Can I build a commercial product based on Beeptoolkit?

  • Beeptoolkit Software

    • How can I run the Beeptoolkit IDE under Linux?

    • Can I program the Beeptoolkit IDE in others langues machine scripts?

    • Can I use a different IDE to program the Beeptoolkit?

    • Can I use an Beeptoolkit software without the family source hardware?

    • Can I use the Beeptoolkit software with other source hardware?

    • Where is the troubleshooting section?

  • My Beeptoolkit Account

    • Do you have a Privacy Policy about my data as registered user?

    • I tried to login with my email and it didn't work, what should I do?

    • I tried to login with my username and it didn't work.

    • But it worked until a few days ago…

    • But it still works on some sites…

    • I have real trouble logging in or signing up, what should I do?

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